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The Art of the Bike Experience

Bikeology offers premium bike rentals and a variety of Private bicycle experiences for travelers seeking to discover Rome on their own or led by our local guides.

Our rental service includes a specific GPS Based App working in connection with our Wi-Fi system in order to give you free access to our Itinerary Database and explore the city with no stress at your own pace.

Our comfortable and high quality fleet of city bikes, mountain bikes, gravel bikes and E-bikes are the modern chariots for uncovering the thousand shades of Rome’s ancient city center, countryside and parks.

We want to be active protagonists of a clean environment and we strive to promote a green eco friendly form of tourism.

Get a bicycle and come with us!

Useful Information

We are located in Via del Cancello 16, open every day from 9 am to 7 pm.

Our bikes are always ready for your adventure through the “vicoli” of the city center and our team is always excited to welcome new travelers who are looking to discover Rome by themselves or through our private tours riding our bikes. Cycling through the streets of Rome is a beautiful adventure and for us happiness lies behind the handlebars of a bicycle.

We are more than happy to share with you all the different itineraries for both beginners and experienced cyclists that we developed over the years using our special interactive features.

Book Online

Check the availability of our bikes and tours in advance. This helps us to manage all the bookings in the best possible way.

Safety First

Helmets, bike locks, repairing kit and phone holders are all included with our bike rental service.

Safe Storage

If you choose a multi-day rental make sure you have a safe place to store the bikes at night at your hotel or apartment.


Bring a valid ID card to make filling out the contract paperwork before the rental/tour smooth and fast.


Flexibility is one of the key words of our service. If you have doubts or questions before making your reservation feel free to contact us!

Premium Bike Rental

Who doesn’t know the feeling of moving freely in an eco-friendly way and meanwhile explore large parts of a city?

Our rental service, featured with interactive maps and personal tips based on your preferences, will be your own personal tool to discover the city of Rome. Come and visit us in our shop to find out all the other features that will make your bike experience great!
City Bike, Mountain Bike, Gravel Bike, E-Bike…. Different kind of bicycles for different kind of cyclists
Choose yours and start your adventure.

Private Bike Tours in Rome

All our tours are private experiences written and designed to let our travelers make the most out of them.

Our tours are not a simple cycle through the city but a chance to learn a little bit of history, architecture, and get in touch with local habits and traditions. Furthermore, being private tours are our core activity, we are always more than happy to design itineraries on request.

Custom Bike Tours

Design your own tour!

Tell us what you’d like to see, where you’d like to go, and how much time you’ve got and we’ll arrange a tailor-made, guided or self-guided itinerary for you. Perfect for experienced riders looking for a challenge inside or outside Rome!

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